Smears of The New Kadampa Tradition

Smear: NKT is run by a group of autocratic insiders

Truth: There is no evidence of this. The way of running the NKT-IKBU has many built-in democratic checks and balances. Power is shared equally between the Spiritual Director, the Managing Directors and the Members.

Smear: NKT aggressively evangelizes and promotes itself

Truth: The NKT does not try to convert people, and many people who attend classes do not become Buddhist. Kadampa Centers advertise their classes principally by means of posters, newspaper listings, and Center websites. The motivation is to offer people the study and practice Buddha's teachings in order to help them develop their wisdom, cultivate a good heart, and maintain a peaceful state of mind.

Buddha himself travelled from town to town to deliver Buddhist teachings. There is no law to say that Buddhist Centers are not allowed to grow.

Smear: NKT students are encouraged to devote all their time to supporting a Center so that there is no time left for personal spiritual development

Truth: No one in the NKT is encouraged to work to the detriment of their other spiritual practices. Geshe Kelsang has explained that according to Je Tsongkhapa’s example there are three spheres of Dharma activity: Dharma study, meditation and Dharma work. All three must be in balance.

Smear: NKT is more interested in recruiting/getting volunteers than helping people

Truth: This is not true.The purpose of the NKT is to help people to find inner peace. To do this, we need Centers, publicity and many other conditions that volunteers can help provide. Claiming that the NKT is recruiting people for its own sake does not make sense.


Taking Down the Smears

What is a Kadampa?

A Kadampa is someone who integrates their knowledge of all Buddha's teachings into their everyday lives. Find out more in the booklet Modern Kadampa Buddhism

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