Smear: NKT has used government benefits to fund itself

Truth: The NKT has never been involved in benefit fraud. In the mid-nineties such allegations were made, but a government investigation found no truth in it and the NKT was exonerated (unfortunately not before the Guardian and Independent newspapers had irresponsibly reported these allegations without checking with local unemployment or housing benefit offices.)

It is true that some Kadampa Centers in the UK have received rental income from residents who are on housing benefit because they can prove that they are unemployed or on low income. Using housing benefit to pay rent is wholly legitimate. As places of residence, Kadampa Centers are lawfully entitled to receive such income from their residents.

The NKT has also been responsible for creating hundreds of jobs in teaching, administration, education, IT, art and design, Tharpa Publications, service industries such as World Peace hotels and cafes, and so on. Some of these jobs have gone to people who might otherwise have to claim unemployment support.


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