Smear: NKT is exclusive and not inclusive

Truth: The NKT promotes a traditional path rather than an “exclusive” one – we never say that our tradition is the only pure tradition or that it is better than any other.

Geshe Kelsang said in June 2008:

“In the NKT we promote the view of respecting all other Buddhist traditions as well as other religions, and we rejoice in their virtuous and beneficial activities, but we do not emphasize studying all of them, in the same way that at a science college religious studies are not emphasized, or at a medical school architecture is not part of their curriculum. Nevertheless, we place emphasis in respecting all other religions, and if people wish they can also study them.”

According to James Belither, former Secretary of the New Kadampa Tradition:

“Considering the NKT’s position regarding the Tibetan traditions in general, Geshe Kelsang has stated on innumerable occasions that he deeply appreciates all four Tibetan Buddhist traditions, praises Buddhist masters from all four schools in his books, and teaches that all four schools provide a complete and valid path to enlightenment. The nearly 4,000 pages of his collected writings contain not a single criticism of any other spiritual tradition, Buddhist or non-Buddhist.”

Moreover, the NKT has never excluded those of different religious beliefs from its teachings and activities. This is completely opposite to the FPMT, who have a clear segregation policy in effect.


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