Smear: NKT is isolated from the wider Tibetan Buddhist community

Truth: This is true. The reason NKT students are not welcomed by the Tibetan Buddhist community is because they are Dorje Shugden practitioners and the Dalai Lama said:

“Those who practice Dholgyal (Shugden) cannot be my friends”.

Following the Dalai Lama's view, Tibetan Buddhist groups such as the FPMT and various Kagyu and Nyingma groups have ostracized the NKT for the past ten years. See the FPMT's latest segregation policy. It is the Dalai Lama who does not want to have anything to do with the NKT, not the NKT who does not wish to be friends with the wider Tibetan Buddhist community.

As one NKT student said in January 2009 in response to a question posed by an NKT critic:

Q. I would ask, how can you avoid and why should you avoid Dorje Shugden practice if it is presented in such an integral way in the NKT?

A. I avoid it because I have been reliably informed that I cannot attend teachings at certain other centres if I practice Dorje Shugden. This follows from the 'advice' and instruction of the Dalai Lama. As I haven't wanted to be a pariah to other Buddhists, and as I am associated with centres in which this practice is forbidden, such as the FPMT, I have avoided practicing it. If practitioners of Dorje Shugden had not been ostracised and demonised by other Buddhist practitioners, notably followers of the Dalai Lama, I would certainly be practicing it now. 

Click here for some extracts from a letter written by Yeshe Sangye, a senior FPMT monk and close disciple of Lama Yeshe.


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