Smear: NKT is not accepted by many other Buddhist groups

Truth: This is the truth. In the past ten years NKT students and Centers have experienced thousands of incidents of criticism and discrimination from other Buddhist groups, especially Tibetan, in the real world and on the Internet.

NKT students and teachers have been accused of being evil spirit worshippers and cultists, even murderers and nazis. They have been heckled, shouted and spat at on the street, denied entry into other Tibetan Buddhist organizations, deterred from attending or returning to NKT Centers, threatened face to face and over the phone, had branch classes cancelled, had Centers vandalized, had publicity torn down or defaced. They have been barred entry to online Buddhist forums such as E-Sangha.

Most of this harassment has come from people loyal to the Dalai Lama, either simply because we are Dorje Shugden practitioners or because they condemn our opposition to the Dalai Lama over the ban of Dorje Shugden. Despite all of this, what has been experienced by NKT practitioners pales next to the persecution suffered by Dorje Shugden practitioners in India, some of which is documented here:

Western Shugden Society Official Site
Wisdom Buddha Dorje Shugden ~ Why is the Dalai Lama Suppressing Religious Freedom?

It is against the Bodhisattva vows to criticize other Mahayana traditions, so why are these Buddhists breaking their commitments? It seems mainly because they feel justified in this un-Buddhist behaviour by the Dalai Lama’s own criticism and persecution of Dorje Shugden practitioners.


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