Smear: NKT is wrong to demonstrate against the Dalai Lama

Truth: It is the Western Shugden Society (WSS) that has organized demonstrations against the Dalai Lama, not the NKT. The WSS is an ad hoc coalition of Dorje Shugden practitioners from many different countries, including more Tibetans than Westerners.

Some NKT detractors, especially Tenzin Peljor (see Behind the Lies), have created websites and posted on blogs to allege that it is the NKT that is organizing demonstrations against the Dalai Lama because there have been many prominent and senior NKT practitioners visible at the demonstrations. However, people who have attended the demonstrations have done so as individual Dorje Shugden practitioners, not as representatives of the NKT. Everyone who practices Kadam Dharma is a practitioner of Dorje Shugden so it is not surprising that there are a great number of Kadampas supporting the demonstrations.

Nor are they wrong to do so. For the reasons why Kadampa practitioners everywhere oppose the Dalai Lama’s ban of their Protector practice and attempted suppression of their religious tradition, please see and


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