Smear: NKT prays for the death of their enemies

Truth: This is not true. It would be anathema for any Buddhist to pray for a living being to be harmed. Buddha taught that all living beings are our kind mothers and that the only enemies of living beings are our delusions (negative minds such as anger, greed and ignorance).

While it is true that organizations like the FPMT and other Buddhist groups loyal to the Dalai Lama's view that the NKT is a money-making cult etc have spread lies and disinformation about us, we would be defeated by our delusions if we allowed this to provoke an angry response and so we have tried consistently to react without hostility or violence. All we want to do is to set the record straight, which is why we have set up this site; as well as to help others to find peace, happiness and a meaningful life through Buddha's teachings.

One FPMT student claimed on an Amazon Buddhist discussion group that NKT students are praying for the death of the Dalai Lama or FPMT Teachers such as Thubten Gonpo, who used to be one of the NKT's main detractors.

This is nonsensical, paranoid gossip. If you read any of Geshe Kelsang's books, such as Transform Your Life and Universal Compassion, you will see that training in compassion is indispensable for Kadampa Buddhists as it is the main path to enlightenment. It would be contradictory to be teaching and training in compassion but secretly praying for someone to die.

Namkhai Norbu, another of our greatest detractors, has also claimed that we cause bad health and calamity to whoever is in our presence, and gives his students and others protective ribbons to ward us off. This is senseless and embarassing behavior, and surprisingly shamanistic for a supposedly Buddhist teacher.

You can look, but we think that you will not find any evidence anywhere that the NKT has engaged in hostile or violent behavior. If you visit an NKT Center, you will see that the individuals are training in love, compassion and wisdom, and that the Buddhist prayers we recite are dedicated toward peace in the hearts of living beings and the world.

May everyone be happy.
May everyone be free from misery.
May no one ever be separated from their happiness.
May everyone have equanimity, free from hatred and attachment.


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