Smear: NKT teachers are immature and/or manipulative

Truth: The NKT does not claim to be perfect or for its teachers to be perfect. Some teachers, however well intentioned, have acted heavy-handedly or have made mistakes due to a lack of experience, which is of course regretted. However, there is no systemic appointment of unskillful teachers and it is not reasonable to blame all NKT teachers for the shortcomings of some NKT teachers.

The new Internal Rules 12§2 and 12§3 establishe guidelines for overseeing the behavior of teachers, to increase their accountability for their actions.

NKT Dharma Centers are non-profits that belong to all living beings. Each Center has its own Resident Teacher (RT) and other branch teachers appointed by the RT to present the three spiritual program of the NKT.

In general, NKT Centers are harmonious. This is a testament to Kadam Dharma in the form of Lamrim (the stages of the path to enlightenment) and Lojong (training the mind), which help people to subdue their delusions (negative minds such as anger and attachment). Dharma Centers endeavour to be pure societies where people act with less and less selfishness -- however, we cannot pretend that Dharma Centers are perfect as they are full of imperfect human beings. If the teacher has contributed to a problem, they should strive to recognize this and admit to it. At other times, however, the teacher will not have been responsible for the problem but, due to their position, be blamed for it anyway. This is human nature.

Public accusations against the tradition, Centers and teachers have been made by people who have an axe to grind against the tradition or particular teachers and who are refusing to recognize their own contribution to the problem. For example, it has happened a few times that due to disruptive or anti-social behavior, or because they have severe mental illness that the NKT is not professionally qualified to deal with, a resident has been asked to leave the Center and out of anger the student leaves the whole tradition. Later, out of resentment, they have slandered the teacher, Center or tradition on public forums.

Teachers may genuinely make mistakes; however, it is not fair to blame teachers for all problems.


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